Oksana Mikhaleva, an endocrinologist, dietitian at the SM-Clinic, Candidate of Medical Sciences, spoke about the dangers of some popular summer products for the figure. In a press release she explained how a large amount of fruits and fresh juices in the daily diet can lead to weight problems.

The doctor notes that it is easier to lose weight in summer, as physical activity increases and appetite decreases. However, at the same time, in order to cope with the heat, people, according to Mikhaleva, imperceptibly consume a lot of products that are harmful to the figure, because of which the numbers on the scales are unlikely to please.

Among such seemingly harmless products, the endocrinologist singled out soft drinks like soda, kvass and milkshakes, which people used to quench their thirst. “This is also a food with a fairly high amount of calories and simple carbohydrates. But we don’t perceive a sweet drink as a meal, we don’t feel full and we eat even more calories, ”she explained.

Other drinks that, in her opinion, lead to weight gain are freshly squeezed juices. “Due to the lack of fiber in juices, almost all fructose will be absorbed by the body and used for fat synthesis if you drink them regularly. It is much better to eat the whole fruit, which will allow you to get vitamins, ”said the nutritionist.

At the same time, Mikhaleva added that excessive consumption of fruits will not bring any benefit to the body. “Due to the fact that fruits contain a lot of simple sugars, they can contribute to the set of extra pounds. Therefore, people prone to weight gain are advised to eat no more than 3-4 medium fruits per day, ”the doctor warned.

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