Nutritionist Ruslan Aliyev called obesity contagious and compared it to an infection. He talked about why people get fat next to fat friends and relatives in his Telegram channel.

The doctor explained that in his practice he had noticed an interesting pattern: people tend to gain weight if their friends gain weight. The nutritionist added that there are studies that confirm his theory.

Thus, Professor of Harvard Medical School Nicholas Christakis, who studied social relationships and people’s behavior for several years, came to the conclusion that if a person has a fat friend, the risk of obesity increases many times. “You change your perception of an acceptable body type by looking at the people around you,” he said in the study.

As a result, the researchers found that if a person has fat people among his friends, he himself will gain weight with a probability of 57 percent. If someone in the family suffers from obesity, the probability increases several times.

Christakis noted that friends influence a person, including in the way of eating, and advised to be friends with thin people in order to orientate yourself on them. For this point of view, the professor was criticized by his colleagues who deal with obesity as a global problem. They stated that genetic predisposition to the disease cannot be discounted.

“Man is a social being. It is not surprising that it is characteristic of us to copy the eating behavior of others. Try to unobtrusively instill the principles of healthy eating in your friends. A personal example works best,” dietician Aliyev concluded in his post.

Earlier, gastroenterologist and nutritionist Nuria Dianova warned that you cannot start therapeutic fasting on your own. She added that those who wish to give up food for a while should consult a doctor, pass tests and only then begin to starve under the supervision of an expert.

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