A vegan burger with a taste of human meat received the Silver Lion in the Brand Experience and Activation category at the Cannes Lions festival. This is reported by The Mirror.

The prize-winning burger was made by the Swedish company Oumph! Its creators claim that they have perfectly reproduced the texture of human flesh. Soybeans, mushrooms, wheat protein, vegetable fats and a secret mixture of spices were used as ingredients. “Not a single person was harmed during the development of this product,” the company representative emphasized.

“The brave and fearless can try the first plant-based burger, which tastes like human meat. By creating this unusual vegan burger, our company wanted to prove that it is possible to produce products based on vegetable ingredients that taste like any meat,” he clarified.

In a frightening advertising campaign, consumers were shown a blood-stained butcher clutching a vegan sandwich with a maddened look. The company did not explain what they were guided by when creating the taste and texture of human meat.

“I am incredibly proud of the fact that we received this award, and of the great teamwork that preceded it. Our mission is to change the way people think about food, and our responsibility is to use creativity as a tool to make these changes happen,” said a representative of the management of Oumph! Henrik Kerman.

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