In the London Museum of Design, a steak made from human meat grown in laboratory conditions was demonstrated. This is reported by the publication Unilad.

Cells from the oral cavity of a volunteer were used to grow meat, which were fed with serum from expired donor blood. It is assumed that the same meat can be grown at home. Those who want to make a steak from human flesh will need a special kit consisting of cotton swabs for obtaining initial cells and a substrate made of mycelium, on which they will grow.

The authors of the idea insist that eating artificial human meat is not cannibalism. “We don’t propose eating yourself as a realistic solution to meet the human need for protein,” explains industrial designer Grace Knight, who worked on the project. – Rather, we ask the question: what sacrifices will we have to make in order to maintain the existing levels of meat consumption? Who will be able to afford food from animals in the future, and who will have no other options than growing meat from their own cells?”

When using the same technology, for the cultivation of artificial beef, embryonic bovine serum is required, which is prepared from the blood of the embryos of calves obtained after the slaughter of pregnant cows. Such a serum costs from 300 to 700 pounds sterling per liter (30-70 thousand rubles), which is much more expensive than spoiled donor blood.

This is not the first project based on the use of human blood for nutrition. During the Second World War, the famous British nutritionist Magnus Pyke proposed to use excess donor blood to make sausage and thus solve the problems with food rations. His ideas did not meet the understanding of Count Woolton, who served as the Minister of Food of Great Britain.

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