Nutritionist and nutritionist Lauren Manaker named protein as the number one heart health food. About what it contains and why it should be included in the daily menu, the expert shared with Eat This, Not That!

The expert stated that the average person should consume about 50 grams of protein daily, so it is important to find a source of this micronutrient that can be eaten every day.

According to the expert, the best protein that is suitable for frequent consumption is eggs. “An egg is one source of protein that can be consumed every day as part of a heart-healthy diet. Such recommendations are made by the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee, ”says Lauren Manaker.

The diet for a healthy heart includes protein, a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, and whole grains, the nutritionist added.

“On average, one egg contains about six grams of protein. An egg, no matter the size, will always contain 125 milligrams of protein per gram. Protein is found in both the white and the yolk. So if your diet allows, you should eat a whole egg to get the most out of this muscle-building macronutrient,” recommends Manaker.

According to the nutritionist, eggs are also great for repairing muscle tissue tears after a workout. Also, one egg eaten after cardio training will help to become slimmer.

“Eggs also contain important nutrients that many of us don’t eat enough of, including brain-healthy choline,” the nutritionist added.

Lauren Manaker also noted that eggs work wonders if eaten every day. Key nutrients are associated with maintaining eye, brain, and immune system health. Because eggs are rich in nutrients like biotin, they help the body make hair and nails stronger and healthier, she explained.

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