Cardiologist Vitaly Pavlov allowed to drink only half a glass of champagne in the heat. He explained why the maximum allowable volume is exactly this.

Pavlov said that in the heat you can drink no more than 100 milliliters of sparkling wine. “Sparkling wines are approximately equal in strength to still wines, respectively, 100 milliliters is one dose. The point here is the amount of alcohol. It doesn’t matter what alcohol it comes from,” he explained.

Pavlov warned that drinking alcohol in the heat can cause additional dehydration due to the loss of fluid and electrolytes through sweat. “In combination, this can lead to more pronounced dehydration, overheating of the body and further to more serious consequences,” a cardiologist called the dangerous property of alcohol.

More serious consequences could be arrhythmia and heart failure, he continued. He called moderate alcohol consumption per day one dose for women and two doses for men, while the specialist asks not to drink more than three drinks for women and four for men at a time. “One dose of alcohol is ten milliliters of alcohol (about 100 milliliters of wine, 330 milliliters of beer or 30 milliliters of strong alcohol),” Pavlov said.

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