Decreased appetite in a child on hot summer days is normal, said Maria Mamedova, a pediatrician and senior medical consultant at Teledoctor24. In an interview with, she named the ideal summer children’s menu.

According to her, the first thing children need in the heat is water. If a child does not want to drink only water, he can be given juices, fruit drinks, compotes, iced teas, and it is better to refuse soda because of the large amount of sugar in them, the doctor noted.

If the child has already been transferred to the common table, you need to review his diet and feed him with full, but light meals, the pediatrician advises.

For example, red meat can be replaced with white (rabbit, chicken, turkey). For children older than a year, consider options for fish dishes

The expert added that among protein products, preference should be given to fermented milk products and cottage cheese, paying attention to the shelf life and quality of the product. “If a child does not want to eat dairy products, then you can prepare cocktails for him, whipping kefir and cottage cheese with berries and fruits,” Mammadova recommends.

The pediatrician added that in the summer you don’t want to eat hot dishes, so for lunch you should cook cold soups, kefir okroshka, vegetable and fruit salads, and adapt the recipes depending on the age and tastes of the child. “In the absence of appetite, I recommend reducing the volume of single servings, but increasing the number of feedings,” the interlocutor of said. “Getting a child to eat a small bowl of porridge or soup is much easier than getting him to eat a full meal of first, second and salad.”

The most dense meals should be offered to the child for breakfast or dinner, since these hours are not so hot and the appetite will be better, the doctor added. “Breakfast and dinner can consist of a protein dish (meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs). Lunch is a light soup or vegetable stew, salad, fruits and vegetables,” Mammadova said. – And one more thing: in order for the child to fully eat, you need to exclude snacks. In a conspicuous place should not be sweets, chocolate and other tidbits that can interrupt the appetite.

The most important thing, the expert notes, is in no case to force the child to eat. The body of a healthy child knows how much and what he needs – just listen, she summed up.

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