Rehabilitologist and TV presenter Sergei Agapkin revealed ways to avoid the development of diabetes if a person was diagnosed with prediabetes.

One of the ways to reduce the risk of developing this disease, the specialist called a change in lifestyle in favor of a more active one. “I mean quite active physical activity at least three times a week. And here, to a greater extent, we are not even talking about such a pleasure walk, but about a good, intense physical activity that will allow the muscles to spend this very glucose”, Agapkin emphasized.

To avoid diabetes, patients also need to review their diet, the doctor added. According to him, you need to reduce the consumption of foods rich in simple sugars, and in some cases completely eliminate them from the diet. In addition, to reduce the risk of diabetes, the doctor recommended eating more protein. “He (protein – approx. “”) in this sense is a direct antagonist to glucose, and an increase in protein intake often in itself leads to some decrease in glucose levels,” the doctor explained.

Agapkin also expressed confidence that dietary and lifestyle changes are effective in reducing the risk of developing diabetes in patients diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

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