Candidate of Medical Sciences, dietitian Elena Solomatina listed products suitable for eating in the heat. In an interview for Sputnik radio, she explained what a summer diet should be like and what foods will help you cool down.

The nutritionist notes that nutrition in the summer should be different from nutrition in the winter, since in cold weather the body needs additional energy, but not in warm weather. “In the summer, you don’t need to run our“ oven ”to keep warm, you can get by with light“ energy carriers ”,” Solomatina cited the metaphor.

She recommends including light foods in your diet to help fight the heat. “There are products that are considered cooling. These are citrus fruits, such as lime, lemon, grapefruit, as well as mint, cucumber. Oddly enough, hot green tea can also cool, ”the expert shared her experience.

In addition, Solomatina noted the benefits of vegetable soups in the summer: “Cold summer soups, such as gazpacho, okroshka, beetroot, contain a lot of vegetables, herbs, fiber, give saturation and do not require a huge amount of energy for digestion.” In her opinion, such soups cleanse the body and feed the beneficial intestinal microflora.

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