A passenger of the British low-cost airline Jet2 ordered a sandwich on board the plane and was upset to the point of tears because the real meal did not match the picture from the menu. The video of the dinner, which the girl published on TikTok, quickly became viral – it was noticed by the Metro publication.

As the traveler said, she decided to order a special meal during the flight from Birmingham to Marbella – the girl was hungry, so she chose a hearty-looking sandwich for 4.3 pounds sterling (almost 300 rubles).

However, the passenger’s expectations were not met. Instead of a sandwich with a lot of filling, she was brought two pieces of bread with mayonnaise and a bunch of salad – the promised chicken was not in it. In the video, you can hear how the tourist cries out of disappointment – in the end, she put chips between the bread.

Earlier in September 2021, a British tourist bought a first-class ticket on a train traveling from Birmingham to Edinburgh and complained about the food. The passenger decided to buy a ticket at a more expensive rate, hoping for a higher level of service. However, instead of the promised lunch, the travelers were brought one toast, a cup of tea and cereal with milk.

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