Leading nutritionist of the Level Kitchen service, an expert in the field of proper nutrition, Anton Berdov, listed the top five mistakes that people make in summer nutrition.

According to him, you should not drink cold water, because after a day spent in the heat, it can lead to a malfunction of the immune system and cause a sore throat. “During the use of cold drinks in the body, a sharp temperature drop occurs (the temperature difference between the body and the liquid can reach 30 degrees!), Which leads to cooling of the main organs, as well as inflammation of the palate, tonsils and nasopharynx,” he warned about a possible development sore throats.

In addition, in the summer, the specialist does not recommend drinking sweet soda and juices because of the large amount of sugar, which will temporarily increase the energy supply, but will soon lead to malfunctions in the body. “It will increase blood pressure and increase the load on the pancreas, which in turn can lead to the accumulation of excess body fat, increases the risk of developing diabetes, as well as cancer,” says Berdov, advising to drink only fresh fruit juices with natural sugar.

Also, the doctor continues, you should not drink a lot of drinks containing caffeine, since this substance dehydrates the body due to its diuretic properties and a direct effect on the activity of antidiuretic hormone, which is necessary for proper absorption of water in the body. “Drinking too much coffee or black tea in the summer can cause headaches and dehydration. If you cannot refuse coffee or strong tea even in the heat, try to drink more water to make up for its loss, ”the nutritionist explained.

The doctor also warned about dubious diets that promise “quick results” for the sake of a supposedly summer-ready body. “Emergency dieting can lead to lethargy, headaches, nausea and diarrhea. Remember that any diet is stressful for the body, and a diet in the heat is doubly stressful! Give up pressure on the body, instead change your eating habits, eat healthy food, ”Berdov urged.

The fifth mistake he called a strict rejection in the heat of eggs, fish, meat and other high-protein foods, which supposedly emit an excessive amount of heat in the body. Berdov called this statement unscientific. “All three foods are rich in lean protein, which is important for maintaining a healthy weight in the summer. In the summer, it is still better to reduce portions of fatty meats such as lamb or pork, replacing it with, for example, turkey or lean beef, ”concluded the doctor.

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